Who are we?

eHatsystems are a technology start-up that develops and markets industrial wearable communication technology and knowledge services. We empower organisations and deliver productivity improvements by creating a connected workforce.

The Problem
Badly needed productivity advancements have escaped many industries. In others, automation leads to the disappearance of low-skilled jobs. Generally, the mandate for specialisation is hampered by the lack of skilled operators, demographics and workforce consolidation. The future of work requires technology solutions that best utilise your scarce intellectual capital.

The eHatsystems Solution
We want to change the way people work. Specifically, we want to empower operators and field workers by guiding them in executing their tasks. By providing real-time instructions, remote expertise, on-the-job training and by enabling self-organising teams, we accelerate knowledge transfer and encourage the sharing of expertise.

How Do We Deliver This?
By enabling workforce connectivity through the eHatsystems platform – a mobile communication network that combines intelligent proprietary software, a smartphone app and a certified hard hat, the eHat, to connect operators via live video and audio. Anywhere, anytime, hands-free.
At operator level, this leads to up-skilling, better decision-making and workmanship, and increased workplace safety. At company level, this leads to significant savings in costs and time. Complete work on time; avoid expensive downtime; ensure compliance; reduce re-work or the need to dispatch senior experts; create flat organisations.

Where Are We At?
eHatsystems have successfully completed trials. An order is at hand from a major Australian mining company. Significant interest has been expressed, both domestically and overseas, from utilities, construction and process technologies companies.

eHatsystems have a number of international patent applications pending, hold trademarks and have assembled a team of local technology partners.

A seed investment will be used to fulfill existing and expected trial orders and advance the designs of hardware and network components to full commercialisation.