eHatsystems is a Startup Company formed in October 2013. It currently has 14 shareholders.

Over the last three years we have been showing eHat working concept models to customers who are very interested and keen to see the real eHat be commercialised.

Orders for the Beta trial version are now being accepted.

eHatsystems executive team currently consists of: –

  • Terry Lancaster (Inventor and Founder)


    Photo of Terry Lancaster

Qualified Electronics Engineer from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

After graduating, he worked in a variety of positions in the Telecommunications Industry for over 30 years.

He held senior engineering positions in both the public and private sectors of Telecommunication Companies mainly working on design and implementation of digital video transmission systems. He also has constructed a manufacturing plant from the ground up based on Mexico plant. He has also been running another consulting Company (called T&M Management Solutions) since 2006.

  • Benjamin Jacobs  (Acting General Manager)image2

Ben will complete his Masters in Commercial Law at Monash University this year and has a Bachelor of Commerce [Majoring in Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing] from the University of Western Australia.

Benjamin has had a vast amount of previous sales and marketing experience. He has also worked alongside another start-up where he assisted with risk assessment and creation of business strategies.