eHat: What Is It?


eHat is a certified hard hat with live streaming capabilities. It allows hands-free communication over any distance via a dedicated smartphone app and a private networking platform.

eHat enables simple and safe knowledge transfer in industrial applications – anytime, anywhere

For businesses with significant field operations, eHat offers a truly mobile networking infrastructure. It provides immediate assistance to staff on the ground and empowers where and when most needed.

eHat: How Does It Work?


  • Field operator with eHat instigates a call.
  • eHat connects to app on user’s phone.
  • App connects to designated expert or supervisor (via 3G/4G, WiFi).
  • Expert shares view of eHat user and provides assistance.
  • eHat user carries out instructions.


eHat: What Could It Look Like In Your Company?


When a Company signs up for the eHat service they will nominate the expert contacts that are most relevant to their workers. However, they may also sign up for the “assist hub” which enables the worker to contact the eHatsystems support centre.

Through this support centre an expert will be found that is the best match to handle the equipment fault or task required by the person wearing the eHat. This way eHatsystems can build up a database of experts in types of tasks and equipment problems. This way even small Companies with limited staff can use the resources of eHatsystems to assist them with situations that they are unfamiliar with.

This will have a profound effect on how a task is completed in the future. Workers will need to feel they are not left to their own devices with eHat. Real live help will always be one call away.