Construction Company Trial Concluded Successfully

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Australian technology start-up eHatsystems are
pleased to inform that

Bray Constructions concluded a successful trial of the eHat.

The device was deployed across number of sites for the purposes of inspection, trouble shooting, and stage reports.

Says Neville Bray, Managing Director: “We found the eHat very easy to
use.  In future, it will just be another tool on any site.  We see
use cases also in documentation of workmanship and compliance, particularly in
conjunction with the recording function of the eHatsystems platform.”

In an example that closely mirrors the eHat’s principle value
proposition, an apprentice was sent to conduct a roof inspection on one of
Bray’s sites.  He received remote guidance and advice from the office when
coming across an issue that required clarification. Issue solved satisfactorily
without delay.

eHatsystems are a technology start-up that
develops and markets industrial wearable communication technology and knowledge
services.  We empower organisations and deliver productivity improvements
by creating a connected workforce.

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Bray Construction’s Kenny Bray hands back eHat to Terry Lancaster, Founder of eHatsystems after a very successful trial.


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