Move to China

eHatsystems had decided to reach out to investors in China to get eHat developed and built to a commercial standard in that Country. Because of this strategy we were able to win a place in a pitching competition to go to China’s Jinan province and talk to potential investors in July. Our CEO, Ben Jacobs traveled to China in mid-July as our representative making several exciting contacts there and with strong follow up, we hope to derive substantial benefits from his efforts.

Since our decision to go to China for an investment partner, we have been looking for someone with experience in searching for Chinese companies who are prepared to join as collaborators to bring eHat to market.

We have now selected someone. His name is David Aizenstros and over a series of meeting with him, the team has come to a decision to hire his services to implement in our new strategy. Therefore, David has joined us as our new Business Development Manager. He comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in Marketing and Business Strategy. David admits he gets his kicks from helping Startup Companies get through the “Death Valley” stage.

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